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Crumlin Branch Library
Salary Range:
£18,516 to £18,887 Pro Rata
Working Hours Per Week
29 Jun 2022
Vacancy Type:
Permanent - Part Time
Job Purpose and Information
Undertake as part of a team the cleaning of any area within premises, designated by the line manager.
Job Description:
Responsible to:      Branch Library Manager
Under the direction of the appropriate Line Manager:
1. Sweep, suction clean, mop, dry buff, spray clean, spray wax, machine scrub and dry, strip and re-polish floors using appropriate equipment.
2. Clean and remove stains of soft floor surfaces (carpets/matting) using the appropriate cleaning method.
3. Clean toilet and shower area including the fixtures and fittings.
4. Clean, wash and dust ledges, wall, fixtures, fittings and internal surfaces up to 3.35M.  Polishing furniture, where appropriate.
5. Empty and clean internal litter bins and remove litter to the designated collection points.
General Conditions
1. All duties must be carried out to comply with:
a. The Health and Safety at Work (NI) Order 1978
b. Acts of Parliament, Statutory Instruments and Regulations and other legal requirements
c. The COSHH Regulations
d. Codes of Practice.
2. All duties will be carried out in the working conditions normally inherent in the particular job.
3. Cover colleagues on sick leave in line with Libraries NI procedure.
4. Absence must be reported in line with Libraries NI Procedure and the relevant forms must be completed and signed by the Building Supervisor.
5. When carrying out cleaning duties protective clothing or work issued wear must be worn.
6. Flat-soled enclosed –toe footwear should be worn when carrying out cleaning duties.
7. Any cleaning equipment issued must be used and cared for in an appropriate and safe manner, with any defects being reported immediately.
8. All necessary paperwork must be completed.
9. Duties will be carried out for jobs up to and including those in the same grade, provided such duties are within the competence of the employee.
1. Employees will accept training for jobs graded at a higher level than their own. Payment will only be made where the requirement by the authority for the higher level duties to be carried out.
2. Employees must accept any training to facilitate the undertaking of duties up to and including their own grade.  The training to include:
a.induction training
b.refresher training

Personnel Specification/Terms and Conditions:
Applicants must provide evidence that, by the closing date, they meet the following criteria:

1. cleaning experience outside the home environment.
2. ability to work as part of a team
Personal Qualities:
3. willing to undertake necessary training. 

1. one year’s cleaning experience working in a cleaner role, in a medium/large building will be preferable. 
2. experience of using electrical/mechanical cleaning equipment.
3. knowledge of cleaning procedures and Health and Safety at Work (NI) Order 1978.

The above essential criteria will be used for shortlisting purposes.   If deemed necessary essential criteria may be enhanced and/or Desirable may be used for shortlisting.
Where a competition identifies more appointable candidates than there are available vacancies, a Reserve List may be created in order of suitability for further appointments within Libraries NI. This may be used for up to 12 months to fill the same or like vacancies with a similar job description and personnel specification and on the same salary scale, without further testing of merit.
This is a permanent appointment.  The successful candidate will be employed on NJC terms and conditions of service and membership of the Northern Ireland Local Government Pension Scheme is automatic for persons eligible to join.  Further information about pensions is available on the NILGOSC website www.nilgosc.org.uk 

Where applicable the appointment will be subject to satisfactory completion of all procedural and pre-employment checks.

Where applicable the successful candidate will be subject to a probationary period of six months. 

An unpaid meal break of 30 minutes will normally be taken by employees who are contracted to work four hours or more per day.
Travelling and Subsistence
Travel expenses at rates approved by Libraries NI will be paid in respect of approved journeys necessary as an employee of Libraries NI.

Mobility Clause
The post will be located in an agreed location, or at any alternative premises as may be reasonably required and may be subject to change following consultation with the postholder.

Excess Fares 
If you are an employee of Libraries NI and in receipt of excess fares, this provision will cease on appointment.